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I have always been fascinated with the human anatomy.
I have drawn it, sculpted it in clay, and used it for my designs.

In college I studied medical illustration then graduating in 1979 with a BA in art/design and a minor in biology/physiology. I even worked in the medical studies building on campus at the University of Illinois drawing there late at night.

After college I had a thirst to be a Graphic Designer. I thought if I worked in a pharmaceutical company I could design ads that would bring me as close to medical illustrating as possible without actually working in a hospital. I was hired at Southwestern Drug in Dallas. SW Drug had their own printing facility and at that time, cutting amberlith and waxing type on boards was how printing was produced.

My journey took an unexpected turn and printing became my new line of employment.


I have been in printing for almost 4 decades. In 1992-93, I learned how to use the Macintosh Computer. This enabled me to bust my design ideas wide open and display them in two dimensions. It also was the tool of choice for the ever changing printing industry. My appetite to lean all the graphic computer programs I could became insatiable. I have to credit Riverside Press with introducing me to the Macintosh Computer and this new world of desktop publishing.

Since then I have become very competent in Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud. Among many other programs such as Prinergy and Preps, which are Kodaks' proprietary printing software.

Lets not forget that I am also an artist, so of course I designed many projects along the way.  Producing all of Mesquite ISD sports programs from cover to cover, billboards for Ylang Ylang Jewelers in the Galleria, trade show displays and promotional pieces  for my former employer at Nieman Printing and lately a standees  for Boeing Aviation.

My creativity doesn't stop there. In 2017 I was awarded a patent from the USPTO for an invention I have been working on for a few years.

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